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Crucial time for Rebel Road Trip

Rebel Road Trip stops in Tupelo later this morning. I always like it when the Rebels drive to me instead of the other way around. It’s rare. With major projects on-going in athletics and more to come — plus a

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After Spring: Wide Receivers

Laquon Treadwell

There is indeed a great deal of talent at wide receiver, but the Rebels weren’t talent poor last year, and the group was very different when Laquon Treadwell wasn’t a part. NFL projections are mixed on Treadwell right now. Some

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Confidence in the corners

Any time you insert two new players into your program and tell them they have to achieve at a high level — let alone start — there’s a risk involved. Tee Shepard isn’t brand new but hasn’t been a major

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Harris grades Engram’s spring work at an A-minus

Evan Engram’s Grove Bowl performance was not indicative of his work through 14 other spring practices. Taz Zettergren’s was. Engram, twice an All-SEC tight end and named All-America last year by Sports Illustrated and a couple of other outlets, had

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After Spring: Offensive Line

I like the potential of this group heading into August camp. That assumes a rehab with no issues for left tackle Laremy Tunsil. I’ve not heard anything to think that won’t be the base, and Tunsil should be good to

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After Spring: Quarterbacks

Well, if you were looking for a starter to emerge from the Grove Bowl you left disappointed. But at least you got a leader. Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze told us Ryan Buchanan was at the top – by an

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Grove Bowl Postgame

Dave Wommack talks a little about his corners here. Nothing happened Saturday to make me think Tee Shepard and Tony Bridges won’t be as good as advertised. Time will tell on that. Games are a lot different than practices, but

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Tee Shepard Interview

Cornerback Tee Shepard was among a group of last year’s first-year players who were made available for interviews for the first time just yesterday. Shepard has a hearing problem, and he talks about that here. He was very frank with some personal

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Freeze likes what he sees in depth — as long as players are healthy

Building depth that he believes is of SEC quality has been a goal for Hugh Freeze from Day 1. For the first time in his tenure at Ole Miss he thinks that depth is on the roster — as long

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Freeze talks spring, Liggins on move to offensive tackle

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze has been pleased with the effort he’s gotten from his players this spring. That’s often Class A Coachspeak, but Freeze is one to tell you when he’s not pleased with effort. Seems to me I’ve

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Last week of spring drills

As the Rebels begin their last week of spring drills this afternoon, a quick look at what they’ve gotten accomplished in various areas. Quarterback: A lot more has gotten accomplished than has been let on. You can ask the starter

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A home for Liggins

Jeremy Liggins has played a lot of different positions since high school. He’s a junior now, and Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze says the move of Liggins to left offensive tackle has been the right thing to do. Liggins will

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Tunsil talks rehab and more

From the Mother Ship, our Laremy Tunsil update. Here’s the video of Tunsil’s interview time with us yesterday. Crank up the volume. He doesn’t mumble, but he doesn’t speak loudly. Laremy Tunsil talks about his rehab and how he leans

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